Break News for Success!

Not having a gripping Email headline is a certain failure! Why because simply people look at the headline to see if the rest of the story is relevant to what they are looking for and are interested in. You should remember that the headline is like a small advertisement to what the rest information is […]

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Google release news on SSL

Google today released news that they intend to increase security on the net by promoting sites with SSL higher in the rankings The report (READ HERE) outlines that websites will be required to increase security through SSL (Security Socket Layer) certification. The report goes on to recommend that sites obtain SSL certification. For more information

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Don’t self-broadcast

  When carrying out marketing, don’t self-broadcast by saying ‘We’ve just done this!’ or ‘We’ve just done that!’ Understand that the web is all about sharing and communicating with actual people. Talk to people, share their concerns, find out who they are. Don’t self-broadcast because it’s not all ‘me, me, me’ anymore its all about

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Video is good!

There’s no question that Video is Hot right now… And for Very very good reasons! Here’s just five (You’ll agree) 1)Videos Are Informational And Fun! 2)Videos Can Reach Anyone! 3)Videos Keep Your Viewers Interested 4)Video Appeals To Decision Makers – (Action Takers like To save time) 5)Video Persuades People To Take Action

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Things NOT to do

Things NOT to do when you login to your online business, DON’T check your facebook, twitter or linkedin accounts first thing! Why because you will get distracted, while social media is a great way to encourage new business it’s also a great way to suck up your business time. One thread can easily become an

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New developments

The new Worknet Media website continues to grow between customer contracts, It was good to hear from a long standing customer and friend today,  Kathryn and work will commence to update her site cake website on Monday. We also had an upgrade to do on Phyllises Card site which has been completed 🙂    

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