It's all about you...

(But since you asked, we'll tell you a little about us)

Worknet Media was founded in 1999 when we needed a website to sell our products online and broaden our market for products we were selling.

At the time there were no quality web designers available where we lived and so armed with a book borrowed from the library, some basic knowledge and the entrepreneurial will to succeed and grow Worknet Media was born.

Since those early days Worknet Media have continued to supply quality websites to businesses and private individuals looking to grow in line with their requests, without having to pass high expenses onto clients, therefore being able to offer quality and excellent customer services to a wide range of different clients.

As markets and technologies have changed Worknet Media have remained at the front of the line by offering full web marketing to help drive people to the websites and ensure a rewarding return on investments which benefits our clients.

Build a website and they will come...(oh no they won't)

Unfortunately just having a website these days is not just a case of having it out there on the “googleshere”. Companies who think that spending their budget on a glossy website will win business for the length of its existence are missing the main purpose of the website.

Which is why our services now encompass not only Web Design but Web Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media as these elements are very often over looked in the web sales building process.

Worknet Media has become a leading edge in internet-based businesses, dedicated to creating substantial value in its portfolio companies while providing business management consultation.

Using this hybridized strategy, Worknet Media assists businesses overcome the traditional obstacles of complex web service resources. Worknet Media seeks to not only provide necessary corporate Web marketing but to act as an invaluable business resource.

The global phenomenon of the internet revolution is fundamentally and irrevocably changing the way companies do business each and every day, requiring integrated interactions across a greatly expanded enterprise, and leveraging of the web to streamline operations across this enterprise.

In today’s internet-dominated marketplace, businesses that recognize and harness the power of the internet gain critical competitive advantages.

Keenly attuned to the pulse of business in the digital age, Worknet Media consistently identify internet-based businesses with tremendous power, guiding business on the road to developing to become industry-leading companies.

To try to combat and overcome these near sited views we also operate FREE training to help people understand exactly what their business needs to do to improve, grow and develop their online presence. Or contact us an we will help YOU build develop or grow your web business, whatever size organisation you have.

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